Cold Showers and Pollo

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Today was the end of the first adventure in Peru. After 5 days in Paracas, we reluctantly came back to Lima. Last night may have been more adventurous if not for Montezuma’s Revenge tearing up my insides.  

Go on a Data with Me?

Last night was a dreary time. It steadily rained on us most of the night. The crew made every effort to keep birds safe and comfortable while also getting all the necessary data. We processed many birds, with the highlight of the evening being a Snowy Plover. No, I don’t have a picture. Use those potato chip pincers to Google it. I can’t do everything for you!

If you’re wondering what happens when a bird is caught and banded, this picture will help you understand.

Shorebird with a leg flag for identification

A flag is placed on one leg, and a metal band is placed on the other. The flag allows for re-sighting surveys to be performed. This data can then be analyzed for various conservation efforts.

I Feel Like Dancing

The dawn came up like thunder. I don’t understand that saying. Maybe it was referring to the thunder in my stomach. Who knows. Somebody needs to keep track of these things. And no, Wikipedia does not count!

After experience the vengeance of an ancient Aztec emperor, I plodded slowly down to the beach. The volunteers were already outperforming re-sighting surveys, so I snapped some pictures and video of the AMAZING Chilean Flamingos. I was considering attaching the video here, but technical malfunctions are preventing it. I have strapped 10 extra pounds of gear to my weary back, just so I could upload a video. Boobies.

When you do see the video, you’ll see the feeding behavior of the flamingos. They stamp their feet constantly, almost looking like a dance. This stirs up the mud for their bills to filter our food.


On the return trip, Lewis and I were given some history on these tiny shacks scattered EVERYWHERE along the coastline. Apparently these are squatters, that have just claimed land by building on it. If I could simply squat on some beachfront property, I totally would. Shack and sand lawn included. 

On the other side of the road from these “invasion” homes, the richer people of Lima have developed every square inch of available space. Even with the houses, condos, and hotels, the view was fairly spectacular. 

Oh. And I made it safely back to Lima. I had a cold shower and some wood-fired chicken (pollo). A better post to come tomorrow!

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