Confirmed: The Lion Does NOT Sleep Tonight.

Updated: Feb 11

And probably very few nights. In fact, I am currently unable to walk from the campfire to the tent, because of the threat of lions.

African Lions

South Africa

I’m in Africa. That much should be clear. And if it’s not, here are some zebras that walked past my tent.  Okay, I couldn’t get it to load properly. It’s at the top. 

Today was day two in South Africa. My first day was spent adjusting to the 8-hour time change and recovering from 32 hours of travel. There is nothing significant to write from the first day. So just assumed I walked a lot and looked at birds. Because that is exactly how it happened. 

On to today! I will be brief in the travel details. Early flight. Three hour car ride. Arrived in Big 5 country. What are the Big 5? The most highly desired macrofauna species to be seen in Africa (to hunters they are the most desired game species to hunt trophies from...). They consist of leopard, lion, rhino, elephant, and Cape buffalo. As of this moment, I’ve seen two. I will post on the elephants later, so let me talk about lions. 

The two male lions we found today had been feeding on a kill. Why? Because they are predators and they control prey species populations. That is their job. After gorging themselves, the two males moved out into the grasses and napped.

I tell you all that, to tell you what happened as the sun expired. We were sitting in the fading light, looking to relocate the adult male that was walking around. As we waited, a growing rumble shook the air around us as the alpha male began roaring, grunting, and chuffing. Was he reminding everyone who is in charge? Was he calling out to his younger counterpart? Or was he letting the ladies know he was open for business? Winky face. That’s how the kids do it now, right?

Anyway, it’s nighttime. The lions are awake, and I wish not to be. 

From Africa, this is Zach So-and-so signing off.

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