Zach, You have Shark Eyes! You mean Sharp Eyes? No.

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Great White Shark

The boat tossed and turned, the sea sprayed the passengers on board, hope waned... and on the top deck, a lone voice rang out loud and clear, “Shark! Shark off the port bow!” 

We all know who that voice was. The guy writing this post. It was a shining moment. And when I saw her, I wept. I have waited much of my life to see one of these misunderstood apex predators.

She was assertive, yet inquisitive in her inspection of the boat and passengers. She passed by over and over for what seemed like an eternity. Every time I jumped into the frigid water, I hoped she would never leave. And on my last trip into the South African waters, she did leave. But she holds a place now forever in my memories. (Unless a stray coconut slams into my brain safe {skull} and causes amnesia.) South Africa was amazing. I’m back on my home turf now, but I have many tales to tell. And I will begin with some video blogs to describe the wonders I saw, in mid-September. Until then, enjoy some words strewn together in a semi-orderly fashion, and enjoy the photos that accompany them.  

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