Updated: Feb 11, 2020

To add to today’s misery, I was given false currency. More than once.

Peruvian Soles

Hot Lips

The title of this blog was going to be “Hot Lips, Slow Hips.” However, after today’s events, I thought this was more eye-catching.

Now, the slow hips. I stepped outside my comfort zone Friday night and went dancing in Barranco. I was without my friends, comforts, and knowledge of the bar scene, but when there is a club called “The Dragon,” one simply does not go to bed at 10 when leaving. But still, it’s a lot of puckering. Who am I to deny customs though.... ha.

I thought I could dance. In the US, in my youth, I know I could. But I cannot keep up here. I think the “gringas” I’m used to dancing with, simply cannot dance. The people here KNOW HOW TO MOVE. Ay caramba.  After several hours of dancing my heart out, I returned to my lovely hotel in Miraflores. 

PS. I rarely consume, and in an area where there have been infrequent instances of women drugging men and take their belongings, I did not partake in liquid consumption.

Banding at Vivero Forestó 

Still not the story you want. Lewis and I attended the bird banding with another college group Saturday. I was told this had the potential to be the most interesting location for banding. I was not disappointed.

There is a bird I chased for 4 years. It is called the GROOVE-BILLED ANI. I have only seen the backside of one in the US, before coming to Peru. Now, I have held one in my hand. Behold! The mighty ANI!

Zach looking groovy with the ani

Amazilia Hummingbird in Peru

Band-tailed Seedeater in Peru

Highway Robbery

Everything is seemingly dangerous in Lima. I thought the buses were likely the most dangerous places to be, but it seems nothing is safe. On my way back to the house today, my taxi was robbed. Now, this was not armed robbery, but instead was a short Peruvian man sneaking through a traffic jam, and jumping through an open window into the car. He stole the taxi driver’s cell phone, charger, and money. 

I feel terrible about this. I was texting in the backseat. I was not paying attention to my surroundings, because I thought I was safe inside taxis. When you let your guard down in Lima, crime occurs. The driver had left both front windows open, and his phone was sitting on the dash. When you’re stuck in traffic, this is a highly dangerous combination. And today, it resulted in loss for the driver. Even worse for him, the pictures of his new baby were on the phone, and his taxi business all comes through his phone. 

I felt somewhat responsible for this occurrence, so at the end of the taxi ride, I gave the driver an extra 60%. 

Freaking people. This is why BIRDS.

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