That is a Goat. In a Tree.

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

I know what you are thinking. Where is the picture of the goat in a tree? I missed it. The bus flew by the carnivalesque scene.

The road to Chachapoyas

Assault by the Blind

I forgot to mention in my last post, a blind man struck me three times with his walking stick while I was attempting to pass him on foot. I don’t think that requires a joke. Just imagine something from Monty Python, and that is exactly what happened. Including me exclaiming in a British accent.


We are now officially in Amazonas. This region of Peru is known for its cloud forests and archaeological sites. For those of you near a map, we are in a town called Chachapoyas. I say town because it has the feel of a town, but it is approximately the same size as Casper, WY. How did we get to this place? A 25 hour, minimal stops, twisting, turning, road-disappearing bus ride. With nonstop movies in Spanish and no subtitles. (Though, I was never interested in “Taken” when it came out in the US. However, give me Spanish “Taken” any day. Liam Neeson is not an action star, but when it appears he is speaking Spanish, I am willing to believe it. This has become quite the parenthetical thought.) These buses are quite comfortable for sitting in, but sleeping, eating, and other bodily functions do not happen in an easy fashion.

Vomit Bags

Once we left the major road system, the attendant on the bus began handing out vomit bags. They have apparently made this trip enough times to know what is likely to happen. In the US, the double line means do not pass. What I’ve learned is lines are merely a suggestion here. Our bus, going up a mountain, on a blind curve, passed three semi-trucks carrying petrol. Don’t worry, they honk before the blind curve to warn anyone on the other side that we are in their lane. I. LOVE. THIS. I’m not picking on this style of driving, I think it’s gutsy. Maybe I would feel differently if we had run someone off the road.

Birds from the Bus

I got some birds from the bus, but no pictures. So this is a really short section. Actually, that’s all I have to say for this section. I don’t even have a cool bird picture to wrap this section up in a bow. So... your move.  

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