Urination Etiquette

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Does that title catch your eye? Good. I might change it, but you won’t know what the original was. So, is it the original?

Birding around Chachapoyas

Anyways, people pee wherever they want here. Seriously, one law we cling tightly to in the US is indecent exposure. However, in a place where public restrooms do not exist, exposure becomes commonplace. Way too common. I got nervous walking on the roadside one day because a car shot onto the shoulder. As I ready myself for a potential mugging, a man shoots out of the truck and into the bushes.

Moving on. 

Birding in Chachapoyas

I only have one thing to say about birding in Chachapoyas, SPECKLE-BREASTED PICULET! 

I really just wanted to share that bird name. I did see it, but I did not get photos. I do not have the type of equipment to get shots of tiny birds moving fast.

New Friends

We made a new friend in Chachapoyas! I hope we have a lasting friendship with Antonio because he has shown us nothing but kindness. 

And a bacon sandwich thing that was beyond amazing.

And lucuma. He introduced me to lucuma. Wait, what was lucuma?

Fruit My Looms!

Holy cow. The fruit in Peru is amazing. They have fruits here I did not know existed. Seriously. They would solve the diabetes crisis in the US in a heartbeat. 

The fruit you see below is called cherimoya. While the outside might seem unappetizing, the inside is beyond description, but I will try below. 

Cherimoya - the most delicious fruit in the world

Cherimoya - the most delicious fruit in the world

Imagine honey was mixed with the world’s smoothest cream. Then, a light from the heavens shines down and peace is poured onto the earth through a fruit! As as you bite down, an explosion of creativity bursts from your cranium with the force of 10,000 SUNS! Unfortunately, that creativity does not come through as a blog post.

That’s cherimoya. But they say it like chittimoya. No joke necessary.

Birds of Chachapoyas

The birds of Chacha were amazing. This Peruvian Meadowlark was a favorite of mine, as it was a small reminder of home and our Western/Eastern Meadowlarks.


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