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Birding in Yellowstone: LeHardy Rapids

Updated: May 16, 2022

Birding in Yellowstone is everything you would imagine it to be. Now, you no longer have to imagine.

You won't be able to hear your birding counterparts, but if your counterparts want to talk while enjoying such unique views of the "sea mouse," get new birding friends.

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Hotspot Name: LeHardy Rapids (Yellowstone National Park)

Location: Cody, WY

Managing Organization: National Park Service

Facilities: Public Restrooms, Trails, Picnic Area, Fishing, Handicap Accessible - Limited


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Always carry bear spray in Yellowstone!

See all our recommendations for bear safety, here!


Directions to LeHardy Rapids

Use this Google Maps link to navigate quickly to LeHardy Rapids!

eBird Hotspot for LeHardy Rapids

eBird is a great tool to discover which birds have been recently seen at LeHardy Rapids. Use this link to learn more:

When to Bird LeHardy Rapids

LeHardy Rapids is not easily accessible during the winter, so visit from late spring through early fall. Visiting in late spring offers the best chance to see Harlequin Ducks at an inland site.

Number of birds recorded at LeHardy Rapids

Over 100 species of birds have been recorded at LeHardy Rapids.

Notable Birds of LeHardy Rapids

Harlequin Duck, Spotted Sandpiper, Bald Eagle, Great Gray Owl, Belted Kingfisher, American Dipper, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Wilson's Warbler

Other wildlife of LeHardy Rapids

Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, American Bison

How to go birding at LeHardy Rapids in Yellowstone

LeHardy Rapids is THE premier spot for Harlequin Duck in Wyoming. While there are multiple other locations they can be found, this spot is easily accessible. The close proximity to their daytime roost provides photo opportunities that would be unheard of on the coast! Make sure to keep your eyes open for grizzly bears and American Dippers. Though, if you do not see an American Dipper approaching you, it's much less unnerving. Great Gray Owls have been spotted here, but your timing and luck must be well-aligned!

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