The Best Suet Feeder

Suet feeders hold cakes of fat embedded with various seeds, fruits, and insects. They are great for attracting a variety of birds, including woodpeckers and nuthatches!

Before we begin, there are two items I need to address:

  1. If you have no intention of cleaning your bird feeders, you should not own bird feeders.

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Let's cut straight to the fat here... pause for laughter... If you spend more than $5 on a suet feeder, you have been had. This recommendation is easy because there is nothing complicated about a cage that holds a chunk of fat.

Best "Flocking" Suet Feeder: C&S EZ Fill Suet Basket

This feeder is budget-friendly and effective. Don't be had. Be simple.

Build Your Own Suet Log

Suet feeders can be fairly easy to build! With a few simple steps, you build something like what is pictured below.

  1. Find a downed tree or branch that is small to medium in diameter

  2. Cut the log to a length of 12" or less

  3. Drill 3-6 1 to 2" diameter holes in various places on the log

  4. Hang your new log feeder

Downy Woodpecker on a Suet Log

Attract Birds with a Native Plant Garden!

A growing trend in North America is to take the 40+ million acres of turfgrass and turn it back into native plants and habitat. There are a number of organizations involved in this, but the National Audubon Society is one at the forefront of the movement. Native plants provide natural food sources that cannot be matched by bird feeders, especially in the breeding season. Why? Insects. Nestlings need insects for healthy growth, and insects (like caterpillars) need native plants.

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As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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