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Top 10 Warblers - The Best Warblers of North America

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

In an effort to introduce you to some new birds, stoke discussion, and share hot takes straight from the Ovenbird, I present to you our top ten warblers of North America!

A Canada Warbler sits in a tree during a migration fallout.
The Canada Warbler may not have made our list, but it is still a stunning warbler.

The warblers of North America (minus Mexico) may share a surname with similar birds from the eastern hemisphere, but the warblers of Europe and Asia cannot hold a candle to the colorful diversity found in the west. The US and Canada are responsible for 50+ species of warblers boasting plumages of yellow, red, orange, black, white, blue, green, and many more! The majority of these warblers are migrants and delight bird-lovers across the continent when they pass through most locales.


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Why would I rank warblers? Maybe I am bored. Maybe I like a little controversy. Or maybe, this is just a silly list that should not be taken seriously. Most of our content is enjoyed from the porcelain throne anyway, so flush your warbler anger down the drain about my selections! As you read and your legs go numb, the warbler names with links will take you to deeper levels of information on each species.

Without further softening of the future tempers, here are my top ten warblers! If you have a great disagreement with any placement or omission, argue in the comments below!

And please, JOIN the flock!


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The best field guide for warblers: The Warbler Guide.


10. American Redstart</