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What is my state bird? - A List of All State Birds (and which states should change)

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Each state in the US has selected an avian representative. However, many of these states chose poorly. That is right; we are looking at you, Delaware!

A Western Meadowlark sits on a fencepost.
The Western Meadowlark is the state bird for six states! We think it's time for a change.

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Alabama State Bird - Northern Flicker

The Alabama state bird is the Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker, also affectionately known as the 'Yellowhammer.' The Flocking Around crew has no qualms with this amazing bird selection. Additionally, Alabama has a state game bird, the Wild Turkey. Alabama is starting us off properly! Go Alabama!

Alaska State Bird - Willow Ptarmigan

Alaska's state bird is the Willow Ptarmigan, a secretive gamebird that lives near and above the treeline in its native range. This is an appropriate selection for Alaska, as this bird undergoes a dramatic plumage change in the nonbreeding (winter season). During the winter, this bird's plumage is pure white!

Arizona State Bird - Cactus Wren

The Cactus Wren is the state bird of Arizona. This avian representative is another great selection! The Cactus Wren's name is fitting for the habitat it is located within. Since Arizona is covered in cactuses, this is a fitting pairing.

Arkansas State Bird - Northern Mockingbird

The Arkansas state bird is the Northern Mockingbird. The Northern Mockingbird is an avian representative for many states, and while this bird is a mimic, we do not think states should mimic each other in avian representation!

Arkansas Proposed State Bird: Blue Grosbeak

We think the Blue Grosbeak is a proper feathered rep for 'The Natural State.' Why? Because we could not think of a better option. That's right, where else can you find impactful information like this?


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California State Bird - California Quail

The California Quail represents California as the state bird. We believe this is a match made in heaven, and we offer no further analysis!

Colorado State Bird - Lark Bunting

Colorado's state bird is the Lark Bunting. This shortgrass prairie species is a breeder in Colorado and is an indicator of the arrival of spring in the Rocky Mountains. Great job Colorado!

Connecticut State Bird - American Robin

The American Robin is the state bird of Connecticut. While we have nothing against the American Robin, we feel it is a better bird for a variety of other states.

Connecticut Proposed State Bird: Cerulean Warbler

We propose the Cerulean Warbler as a breeding warbler that ranges across much of Connecticut. This stunning species is representative of the declining mature deciduous forests of the east.

Delaware State Bird - blue hen

The Delaware state bird is the blue hen. Yeah, a chicken is the state bird of Delaware. Delaware, you are a disgrace! You and Rhode Island should be disbanded! A FREAKING CHICKEN?!

Delaware Proposed State Bird: Red Knot

Anything. Seriously, anything other than a CHICKEN! How about a Red-shouldered Hawk? A Worm-eating Warbler? A Tufted Titmouse? Anything! Actually, the Red Knot depends on Delaware Bay for fueling up during its spring migration. This strong tie is the perfect relationship! And it beats picking a CHICKEN!

District of Columbia Bird - Wood Thrush

The District of Columbia is represented by the Wood Thrush. We approve. Great job DC.

Florida State Bird - Northern Mockingbird

The Northern Mockingbird is the state bird of Florida. Though some people may claim it is the Bahama Mockingbird or any mockingbird. Regardless, we do not need a mockingbird representing another state.

Proposed Florida State Bird: Snail Kite or American Flamingo

We think the Osprey, a resident species, or the American Flamingo, a previously extirpated species would be ideal selections to represent Florida. Additionally, the Snail Kite, a species delicately tied to the Everglades and marshes of Florida, would be a GREAT choice for the Florida state bird.

Georgia State Bird - Brown Thrasher

Georgia's state bird is the Brown Thrasher. This musical mimic is a great selection for the state that is as sweet as a peach.

Hawaii State Bird - Nene

The Nene (or Hawaiian Goose) is the state bird of Hawaii. We always prefer endemic species selected as state birds when possible. Good work Hawaii.


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Idaho State Bird - Mountain Bluebird

The state bird for Idaho is the Mountain Bluebird. We fully flocking approve.

Illinois State Bird - Northern Cardinal

The Northern Cardinal is the state bird for Illinois. This vibrantly red songbird is a strong selection for Illinois, and we will not argue against it!

Indiana State Bird - Northern Cardinal

Indiana's state bird is the Northern Cardinal. This bird is shared with Illinois, and we believe Indiana should have its own selection! We do not fault them for the selection, and this may be a case of first come, first serve.

Indiana Proposed State Bird: Yellow-billed Cuckoo

The Yellow-billed Cuckoo is a breeding bird in Indiana and is a great bird for protecting farmlands from pests. It is a match made in agricultural heaven.

Iowa State Bird - American Goldfinch

The Iowa state bird is the American Goldfinch. Bravo, Iowa. This species is shared with a few other states, but we like it for Iowa.

Kansas State Bird - Western Meadowlark

The state bird of Kansas is the Western Meadowlark. While a lovely singer and aesthetic to the eye, Kansas shares this bird with too many other states. Kansas needs a new bird.

Kansas Proposed State Bird: Killdeer

We think the Killdeer is the perfect bird for the state of Kansas! Why? Honestly, we just like the alliteration of the Kansas Killdeer. However, Kansas is also great habitat for the Killdeer, and it is an easily recognized bird species with a lot of personality! And let's be honest, Kansas could use a touch more personality...

Kentucky State Bird - Northern Cardinal

Kentucky's state bird is the Northern Cardinal. We have already supported Illinois hosting the cardinal as its state bird, so we think Kentucky needs a change!

Kentucky Proposed State Bird: Kentucky Warbler

This may be a little too-hot-to-handle, but we want a namesake bird for the state of Kentucky. Yes, we want the Kentucky Warbler to represent the state of Kentucky! You cannot get much better than that!

Louisiana State Bird - Brown Pelican

The Louisiana state bird is the Brown Pelican. It is the perfect selection for one of our favorite Gulf Coast states.

Maine State Bird - Black-capped Chickadee

The state bird of Maine is the Black-capped Chickadee. We love chickadees and have no issue with them as a state bird; however, this bird is shared with another state (Massachusetts).

Maine Proposed State Bird: Atlantic Puffin

Maine hosts a population of Atlantic Puffin that would act as an amazing representation for the beautiful state of Maine.

Massachusetts State Bird - Black-capped Chickadee

The Black-capped Chickadee is the state bird of Massachusetts. If Maine makes the switch to the Atlantic Puffin, then we approve of the Black-capped Chickadee for Massachusetts.


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Michigan State Bird - American Robin

The American Robin is the state bird for Michigan. The American Robin needs to represent at least one state in the USA, so we will let Michigan keep it.

Minnesota State Bird - Common Loon

The state bird of Minnesota is the Common Loon. This may be one of our favorite pairings for birds and states. No changes!

Mississippi State Bird - Northern Mockingbird

The Northern Mockingbird represents Mississippi as its state bird. At least one state needs to maintain this species as its state bird, so we approve of it for Mississippi!

Missouri State Bird - Eastern Bluebird

The Eastern Bluebird is the state bird of Missouri. This species is shared with New York, but we have a better recommendation for New York, so Missouri, you can keep the Eastern Bluebird.

Montana State Bird - Western Meadowlark

The state bird of Montana is the Western Meadowlark. Montana hosts one of the largest breeding populations of Western Meadowlark in the world, so we think Montana should get to keep this bird!

Nebraska State Bird - Western Meadowlark

The Western Meadowlark is the state bird of Nebraska. Nebraska is another state sharing in the Western Meadowlark sweepstakes, and we think that needs to change.

Nebraska Proposed State Bird: Sandhill Crane

Every year, over a half-million Sandhill Cranes pass through central Nebraska during migration. This unique, natural phenomenon is the perfect representation of Nebraska as more than a flyover state. It is definitely worth a stop.

Nevada State Bird - Mountain Bluebird

The state bird of Nevada is the Mountain Bluebird. This bird is shared with Idaho, and we feel there is a better selection for the 'Silver State.'

Nevada Proposed State Bird: Pinyon Jay or California Condor

Over 1/3 of the world population of the imperiled Pinyon Jay is found residing in Nevada. It is an intelligent, gregarious, and BLUE bird, which makes it a great selection.

New Hampshire State Bird - Purple Finch

The New Hampshire state bird is the Purple Finch. This gorgeous feeder bird is a great selection, and we have nothing to add!

New Jersey State Bird - American Goldfinch

The state bird of New Jersey is the American Goldfinch. We think Iowa should be able to claim the American Goldfinch as its state bird, so New Jersey needs something new.

New Jersey Proposed State Bird: Saltmarsh Sparrow

The Saltmarsh Sparrow depends upon the Atlantic states for survival. New Jersey hosts a substantial population of this bird, and it will continue to need support in the future.

New Mexico State Bird - Greater Roadrunner

The Greater Roadrunner is the state bird of New Mexico. We love this selection! Meep-meep!

New York State Bird - Eastern Bluebird

The state bird of New York is the Eastern Bluebird. This is a good selection. However, Missouri is going to keep this thrush on our list, so we need a new bird for New York.

New York Proposed State Bird: American Woodcock

The American Woodcock, also known as the Timberdoodle, is one of our favorite birds. We think it is an adorable state bird for the state of New York. Disagree? Suck our timberdoodle.

North Carolina State Bird - Northern Cardinal

The Northern Cardinal is the state bird of North Carolina. This selection is shared with other states, so we are offering a different option for North Carolina!

North Carolina Proposed State Bird: Great Blue Heron

We think the Great Blue Heron should represent a state. What better state than the great state of North Carolina! (And only minimal pandering.)


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North Dakota State Bird - Western Meadowlark

The state bird of North Dakota is the Western Meadowlark. This icterid represents a multitude of other states, and we think North Dakota deserves better.

North Dakota Proposed State Bird: Northern Pintail

North Dakota is part of the major breeding zone for dabbling ducks. As such, we think a stunning dabbler, like the Northern Pintail, would make for the perfect state bird!

Ohio State Bird - Northern Cardinal

The Northern Cardinal is the state bird of Ohio. Too many states share this species, so we think it is time for an upgrade for Ohio!

Proposed Ohio State Bird: Tufted Titmouse

The Tufted Titmouse is a resident species in Ohio that frequents bird feeders and is quite vocal and easily heard by even non-bird lovers.

Oklahoma State Bird - Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

The state bird for Oklahoma is the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher. This is a match made in heaven!

Oregon State Bird - Western Meadowlark

The Western Meadowlark is the state bird of Oregon. This bird is repeated far too often, and we see a list of better birds for Oregon.

Proposed Oregon State Bird: Varied Thrush

The Varied Thrush is a beautiful, charismatic, songful thrush that is found throughout the year in Oregon. At least one state needs the Varied Thrush, and we recommend either Oregon or Washington.

Pennsylvania State Bird - Ruffed Grouse

The state bird of Pennsylvania is the Ruffed Grouse. Pennsylvania is doing it right.

Rhode Island State Bird - Rhode Island Bantam Hen

The Rhode Island Bantam Hen is the state bird of Rhode Island. We are going to be blunt. *BLEEP* you Rhode Island. What are you thinking!? Pick a native bird or take a hike. What is this madness? Who picks a *BLEEPING* chicken?!

You may think I am irrationally mad at this one, but I am not. You are not mad enough. Get on my level.

Proposed Rhode Island State Bird: Ruby-throated Hummingbird

At least one state needs a hummingbird for their state bird. We recommend Rhode Island drop that stupid chicken and pick up the amazing Ruby-throated Hummingbird.

South Carolina State Bird - Carolina Wren

The state bird of South Carolina is the Carolina Wren. Ya know what? We could not have made a better flocking choice.

South Dakota State Bird - Ring-necked Pheasant

The Ring-necked Pheasant is the state bird of South Dakota. Many residents may not realize that the Ring-necked Pheasant is actually a non-native species from southeast Asia.

Proposed South Dakota State Bird: Sharp-tailed Grouse

In case South Dakota wants to keep a gamebird species as its state bird, we propose using the native Sharp-tailed Grouse as its state bird instead!

Tennessee State Bird - Northern Mockingbird

The state bird of Tennessee is the Northern Mockingbird. This bird represents too many states, so we propose a new species for Tennessee!

Proposed Tennessee State Bird: Scarlet Tanager

The Scarlet Tanager is a neotropical migrant that breeds throughout Tennessee. Its lovely song and bright red plumage make it unmistakable for all wildlife-lovers.

Texas State Bird - Northern Mockingbird

The Texas state bird is the Northern Mockingbird. We just wrote about this for Tennessee. Texas needs a new state bird.

Proposed Texas State Bird: Painted Bunting

Almost 70% of the global population of Painted Bunting occurs in Texas! This polychromatic bird is the perfect representation of the variety of people of Texas.

Utah State Bird - California Gull

The California Gull is the state bird of Utah. While gulls may seem like bland state birds, we LOVE this selection. Way to stand out from the pack, Utah. By the way, even though it is called the California Gull, the majority of its population breeds in Utah.


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Vermont State Bird - Hermit Thrush

The state bird of Vermont is the Hermit Thrush. This hardy thrush is a lovely singer and a great choice for a state bird.

Virginia State Bird - Northern Cardinal

The Northern Cardinal is the state bird of Virginia. We are against copycats, so we propose a different species for the "State for lovers."

Proposed Virginia State Bird: Great Horned Owl

At least one state needs to be represented by the Great Horned Owl. And since the type specimen likely came out of Virginia (its scientific name is Bubo virginianus), what better state to be represented by this beloved species?

Washington State Bird - American Goldfinch

The American Goldfinch is the state bird for Washington. We have no issues with the American Goldfinch. However, we want each state to have its own unique bird rep!

Proposed Washington State Bird: Evening Grosbeak

This highly imperiled species is a resident across much of Washington. It is a common feeder bird, just like the American Goldfinch. Designating this species as a state bird can only help to bring awareness to its population losses of over 90%!

West Virginia State Bird - Northern Cardinal

The state bird of West Virginia is the Northern Cardinal. There is just not enough cardinal for all these states.

Proposed West Virginia State Bird: White-breasted Nuthatch

The White-breasted Nuthatch is an easily recognized species across much of North America. It is a resident in West Virginia, and it surely loves the native forests as much as residents do.

Wisconsin State Bird - American Robin

The American Robin is the state bird of Wisconsin. We love the American Robin as much as the next person, but we have a better idea for the cheese state!

Proposed Wisconsin State Bird: Northern Saw-whet Owl

The Northern Saw-whet Owl resides across much of the state, but also, thousands of these tiny boreal owls migrate across Wisconsin and the Great Lakes region.

Wyoming State Bird - Western Meadowlark

The state bird of Wyoming is the Western Meadowlark. We have written about changing this representative bird before. Read it here.

Proposed Wyoming State Bird: Greater Sage-Grouse

See the link above for a full explanation of this suggestion.

Do you disagree with our suggestions? Have suggestions of your own? Comment below and share your overreactions and anti-change sentiments!


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