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A True Bird Mystery: Chapter 2 - Anything but Silent

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Welcome to the second installment in our true bird mysteries, a true-crime-inspired series. Hints will be mixed throughout this post, so use your best talents to solve these riddles!

A bird photo shrouded in mystery.
What bird could it be?!

This is the second entry in the "A True Bird Mystery" series. To read the first chapter, "A Silent Introduction," click here. This series will progress in difficulty, so if you like solving mysteries, riddles, and scavenger hunts...

Join Us, SherLARK Holmes! (That was not a clue.)


Want to watch the previous video version of chapter 1 instead? Check it out on YouTube! And please subscribe to our channel!

All chapters of "A True Bird Mystery:"
  1. Anything but Silent

  2. A Wandering Band of Thieves

  3. A Surplus of Joy

  4. A Red Herring

Where should you look for clues? Everywhere. Weird word choices, unusual phrases, consider contextual clues. Look for anything out of the ordinary with the rest of the story!


Remember, scroll slowly so you do not jump ahead and see the answer or spoilers!


A Rhyme Lacking Illumination

Long have you mired

Until winter has expired

A sparrow some are called

Though you should be epauled

Everywhere you are found

Your territory is filled with your sound