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A True Bird Mystery: Chapter 1 - A Silent Introduction

Welcome to a true bird mystery, a true-crime-inspired series. Hints will be mixed throughout this post, so use your best talonts to solve this riddle!

A bird photo shrouded in mystery.
What bird could it be?!

This introduction to "A True Bird Mystery" will likely be the easiest of the series. If you want to continue to be challenged, Join Us, SherLARK Holmes! (That was not a clue.)

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Where should you look for clues? Everywhere. Weird word choices, unusual phrases, consider contextual clues. Look for anything out of the ordinary with the rest of the story!

A beginning

When writing an article with the intention of creating mystery, one must ask themself, "How do I start?" Of course, I can use the device of asking the question, as I just did. Then I can admit to using it. I probably should not sing like a canary and offer such an illuminating peek into my writing style.

To solve a mystery, we often must try to place ourselves in the shoes of the subject. I would say close your eyes and imagine, but then you could no longer follow along. Instead, imagine your eyes closed. You are a bird. You can fly almost anywhere. So where would you find yourself? Or specifically, where would this bird find itself...

Fly with me

You turn your head, what is that? A saguaro? There is a blast of heat. Suddenly, you are seemingly transported, and a rustle amongst a blanket of pure white snow draws your attention to a different location. You turn to hear it better. You are surrounded by trees. Coniferous? Deciduous? Both?

You continue turning your head to take in your surroundings. Time has flashed forward. Leaves appear to be turning yellow and orange. You feel a swelling in your netherregion. You must proclaim yourself to the world! You inhale, you prepare to let your sound out, here it comes, your call…

An out of Body experience Unlike any BefOre

You have returned to your chair. Or porcelain throne, if you’re reading this on the toilet. Real-life horned into our story while we were placing ourselves as the mysterious subject. There is no need for concern; we can surely comb through the provided clues to put us in a great position to pounce on our quarry: the answer.


Have you determined whO our subject is? Or is the mystery still too great? If you prefer to jump to the ansWer, click here. If you want to review the List of clues, click here.

NOTE: You are walking into the spoiler sections. If you scroll further, there are clues that will