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Birdy Valentine's Day Cards for Your Favorite Bird-Lover

Valentine's Day is for the birds. It is also for the special person(s) in your life who loves a good bird joke. Read and download our six favorite Valentine's Day Bird Cards below! Each card can be printed at home!

Valentine's Day Bird Cards for Birdwatchers!

Our first card uses the Sora as its symbol of affection. We had a little fun playing off the "a sight for sore eyes" cliche. The Sora is a species of migratory rail. Rails are secretive marsh birds that are often heard long before they are seen.

The second Birdy Valentine's Day Card is brought to us from the Veery! The Veery is a type of thrush that lives in wooded areas and uses its glorious song to announce its presence. We hope you are Veery into this card!

You may be thinking, "They misspelled stellar!" Unfortunately, you would be wrong to think that! The Steller's Jay was not named because of its amazing appearance, but instead, it was named for a German scientist, Georg Wilhelm Steller. Steller surmised that the Steller's Jay was related to the Blue Jay, which helped verify that Alaska was indeed part of North America.

Regret and egret are only a single "R" apart. However, few would ever say they regret seeing an egret, especially one as amazing as the Reddish Egret. The Reddish Egret hunts in a comical fashion by raising its wings and running in shallow coastal waters, often trying to corral its prey into an easy meal.

We need more owl jokes. Seriously, send us more owl jokes. This Barn Owl probably won't always love you, but it will almost certainly always startle you. Barn Owls make a screaming sound, instead of the more "typical" hoot, and it is believed that this sound often caused early settlers to think their barns were haunted!

This card is not the only card we wood peck (would pick, get it?). However, we did laugh a little too hard at this simple joke. Woodpeckers, like this Pileated Woodpecker, have many adaptations that allow them to slam their heads into wood hundreds of times a day, without sustaining traumatic brain injuries. Maybe the NFL needs to look to the woodpecker for help!

A portion of each sale goes to bird conservation in North America!


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