Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Two days until the nonstop fun begins! These were the down days I was concerned about. I wasn’t sure how restricted we would feel, and I was right to be concerned.

Peruvian Lava Lizard in Paracas

Bad Analogy

Because we are two gringos walking around the non-tourist districts of Lima, we stand out. Imagine you were eating something really sweet. Maybe ice cream. Yeah, ice cream. Perhaps it’s some DQ. Cookie dough blizzard? I don’t know what you like. But you’re chowing down on it, enjoying every minute, and then you find two large white guys in your blizzard. That is how I would describe the looks people give us here. They are eating their favorite ice cream, and then they find two large gringos in it.  

Because we stand out so much, we have been told “cuidado” more times than I can count on my infected toes. (This is why flip flops are bad, kids.) We are in what has been described to me as one of the most dangerous districts in a very large city. While we have not experienced any crime, the constant reminder keeps us indoors far more than we would like to be. Luckily, starting next week, we will be on a nonstop adventure. It will take us from the bustling city to multiple locations more in the wilds of Peru. 

I look forward to hearing “cuidado” more about trying to catch venomous snakes, than about people walking by me on the streets.


Today, Lewis and I had an interesting conversation about a specific kind of bird name. The name in question, Dormilona. There is some credence to this referring to the bird as a “sleepyhead,” but another translation provides “stud.” The species in question is called a ground-tyrant in English, so my gut says it is likely meant as “stud,” but Lewis has reached out to our local friends for help on the translation. I’m hoping for stud. 

In fact, henceforth, I shall be called Sr. Dormilona. If the meaning is called into question, people can decide what it means for me.

Side Note: After finishing this blog, we got further confirmation it is not "stud," as in macho. So, henceforth, I shall be called Zach. Possibly Macho Zach. Or... Ave del Muerte (my future luchador name).

Flow Charts to Nowhere

We have been practicing our presentations for the workshop, beginning Wednesday. As Lewis helped me translate much of my content, we found an interesting flowchart on one of the slides. The flowchart asked a question, then answered the question. But instead of providing another path based on the question, it simply stopped. Without going into too much detail, it was a flowchart describing when to humanely euthanize birds. We had a chuckle about this, as the flowchart indicated if a bird is healthy and able to fly, it should be euthanized. We made SERIOUS NOTES to correct this for the presentation. Close call. 

Since the slides were originally translated from English, we can see where often our two languages fight like two Belcher’s Gulls over a piece of plastic. Okay, I really just wanted to say Belcher. 

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