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Do squirrels eat birds? - Are squirrels omnivores?

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A red squirrel eats on a bird feeder.
Red squirrels, like this adorable individual, can be adventitious predators.

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Will squirrels eat birds?

Want a short and succinct answer? Yes, squirrels will eat birds. Squirrels, like many mammals, are opportunistic omnivores. This means that squirrels typically only eat plant matter, but when presented with the opportunity to get vitamins, minerals, and animal proteins, will take advantage of a vulnerable animal. It is not a pretty thought or sight, but nature is always trending toward disorder and chaos. Such is life... and death.

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Want to keep squirrels off bird feeders?

*No feeder can be completely squirrel-proof.


Do squirrels eat baby birds?

If you imagine nature as a Disney movie, movie along. If you want the truth, stay right here. As we mentioned above, squirrels are opportunistic omnivores. They eat foods outside of their typical diet when presented with an easy option. Baby birds, in the nest and recently fledged, are easy targets for squirrels. Squirrels see these vulnerable birds as a quick source of calcium, protein, and many other vitamins and minerals. It is a gruesome truth, but yes, squirrels, chipmunks, etc will eat baby birds.

Baby Mountain Chickadee
Baby Mountain Chickadee

Birds that nest in conifers in the Rocky Mountains are frequently invaded by red squirrels. Baby Mountain Chickadees, like the one pictured above, struggle to fly when they initially fledge. Until they perfect flying, they struggle to escape from acrobatic mammalian predators like squirrels.


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