THE Totally Comprehensive and Super Accurate Costa Rica Field Guide

Updated: 5 days ago

While in Costa Rica, I saw lots of new and amazing birds, but I didn't take many pictures for a blog post because I am terrible and incompetent.

ALTHOUGH, while I was down there, I did lots of official (Flocking Edit: please mentally insert quotes around official) research and have compiled a brand new field guide on the exciting new species I came across. Here are a few of the highlights...

Costa's Rican Hummingbird

Costae lizardus

Small species, easy to miss a sighting in the field. Note the short tail and small wingspan, as well as the striping on the back. Has fast, twitchy movement. They tend to not be timid of humans and can be found in most habitats. (Flocking Edit: I don't think that's right)

Chestnut-Sided Egret

Egretta caballus

Stocky body with a long beak and legs. Diet consists mainly of grasses, though it has been observed eating fruits and vegetables. Different markings have been observed, including long stripes on the head, and large white patches on body. They prefer to live in large flocks and loud calls between individuals can be heard over great distances. (Flocking Edit: Definitely not)

Green Scaled Woodpecker

Emeraldus celeus

Difficult to spot in the field as it is silent and quick moving. Identifiable by its long tail and unique green coloring. Found hiding in thick branch areas, and will flush when disturbed by humans. Uses its long tongue to feed on insects. (Flocking Edit: there goes our credibility.)

Great Horned Catbird

Dumetella bubo

A docile and friendly species, often seen roosting on the ground. Makes a distinct "hiss” call, and uses its sharp talons for defense when threatened. Usually hatch large clutches. (Flocking Edit: We are ruined.)

Field Guide to Costa Rica

Be on the look for copies of my field guide, coming to a non-existent bookstore near you!

(Final Flocking Note: And thus begins the slow decline of what once was a mediocre blog...)

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