Sienna Tries Bird "Banding"

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

In an effort to keep up with Zach and his vast knowledge of birds and all things nature, I've been doing quizzes to help me be less terrible at bird IDs. And instead of sleeping or doing anything actually productive at 3am, I used my "exceptional skills" (read: limited grasp) on birding to imagine which birds could combine to make a talented musical group. I call it... Bird Banding. The crew includes some really eggciting up-and-coming artists...

Pileated Woodpecker Graphic
Pileated Woodpecker Playing Drums

Pileated Woodpecker

Without question the best bird suited to be our drummer. Plus they already have mohawks, perfect for rockin' out during a drum solo.

Dickcissel Graphic
Dickcissel Singing a Ballad


Some actual research went into picking our vocalist, and ultimately I decided on Dickcissel. They have lots of experience as a vocalist, spending 70% of their day singing. (That is an actual, real fact from me for once)

Greater Sage-Grouse

The puffy air sacs (is it too late to change the band's name?) that these birds are equipped are basically a built-in bass guitar. Their style is very avant-garde, and they have a collection of other strange noises that brings a B-52's vibe to the group.

Great Blue Heron

With dexterous long legs, and a pectinated toe perfect for strumming strings, the GBHE would make an excellent guitarist. They are also in my top 10 favorite birds, so I may be biased.

Their first album is coming soon and has many instant hits, such as...

"We Will Rock Pigeon You" "Tainted Dove" "One Booby, One Scaup, One Killdeer"

"Carrion Wayward Son" "Mr. Blue Jay" "Livin La Vida Longspur" "California Gulls" "Goodbye Yellow-billed Loon"

(And my personal theme song,)

"Oops...I misidentified it again"

It's only a matter of time before they reach platinum record status.