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The best platform feeders of 2023 - Use a platform feeder to attract cardinals, finches, and more!

The platform feeder is, in our birdy opinion, the optimal bird feeder. Why? Diversity, variety, and flexibility!

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Platform feeders allow for a diversity of bird sizes to utilize the feeder, a variety of foods to fill the space (depending on the bird species you want to attract), and flexibility for the location of the feeder. Plus, platform feeders do not require birds to put their heads into "feeding ports." Why are feeding ports bad? Disease transmission! Having a platform feeder can greatly reduce the potential for the most common disease transmission in feeder birds.

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With platforms in mind, we offer our recommendation for a platform feeder. The Woodlink Going Green Platform Bird Feeder is made from up to 90 percent post-consumer recycled plastic, is easily cleaned, and allows water to drain through the coated metal mesh bottom. These plastic-framed feeders can often last longer than cheap wooden-framed feeders and are less porous, making them easier to clean. Plus, they are typically dishwasher-safe! To view other platform feeders, click here!

Best Platform Bird Feeder: Birds Choice Platform

Any of the Birds Choice platform feeders made from recycled plastic are personal favorites. They are dishwasher safe, so cleaning can be quick and easy (if I choose to clean that way)! Using a feeder made from recycled plastic also promotes better use of recycled materials.


Best Budget Bird Feeder Option: Wild Wings Cedar Tray Bird Feeder

For a budget-friendly bird feeder, the Wild Wings Cedar Tray Feeder is great! What we don't like is that this feeder cannot likely be thrown into the dishwasher for quick cleaning. Wood is more likely to host bacteria in cracks, crevices, and pores while aging quite quickly, especially if untreated.


Best Bird & Squirrel Feeder: Homes Garden Platform Bird Feeder

The Home & Garden Squirrel and Bird Feeder is a great option if you also like having squirrels visit your yard! The middle of the feeder has a screw for adding fruit or an ear of corn.


Best Ground Bird Feeder: DutchCrafters Recycled Plastic Ground Bird Feeder

For those who have gallinaceous birds (game birds) visiting their property, a ground feeder can be a great way to attract them for optimal viewing. Gambel's Quail, Wild Turkey, and other gallinaceous birds like quail and grouse can be regular visitors to ground feeders!

Gambel's Quail
Gambel's Quail

Build Your Own Bird Feeder (BYOB...F)

Platform feeders are quite easy to build. Like the one below, you simply need wood and fasteners (screws, nails, etc). Want some blueprints to build a bird feeder? Reach out to us or comment below!

Steller's Jay sitting in a homemade bird feeder
Steller's Jay sitting in a homemade bird feeder

Instructions for a simple platform feeder (with mesh floor):

  1. Cut four pieces of 1 x 2 or 1 x 4 wood to your desired feeder size.

  2. Screw the four pieces into a square frame.

  3. Install diagonal braces from corner to corner for support for the mesh floor.

  4. Staple or screw a piece of metal screening on the frame to serve as a floor. Some people recommend window screening, but we prefer a stronger metal screen.

  5. Screw eyelets into the top of the frame for hanging the feeder.

Instructions for a simple platform feeder (with a solid floor):

  1. Cut four pieces of 1 x 2 or 1 x 4 wood to your desired feeder size.

  2. Screw the four pieces into a square frame.

  3. Cut a piece of plywood to size for your floor.

  4. Drill 1/2 inch holes every 4 inches or less into the plywood. This is how a solid floor drains.

  5. Screw your floor to the frame.

  6. Screw eyelets into the top of the frame for hanging the feeder, OR add a mounting bracket to the bottom of your feeder for mounting on a stand.


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