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The best hummingbird feeders (2023) - A guide to buying hummingbird feeders

Hummingbird feeders are a great way to get 'slowed' views of hummingbirds. They are also a great way to support these zippy buggers during late spring storms!

Anna's Hummingbird at a Feeder
Anna's Hummingbird at a Feeder

Hummingbirds are the pinnacle of backyard bird feeding. These lustrous flying paragons (say that 3 times, fast) are fierce yet delicate, and they require a more constant effort from bird feeders. Learn the optimal feeding methods to attract and protect these amazing birds!

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When should I hang my hummingbird feeders?

This question is complex and deserves a longer answer. If you want to see our map of when to hang your hummingbird feeder, click here! For the initiated, here is a simplified answer. If you live in the desert southwest or along Pacific Coast, you may have the luxury of experiencing hummingbirds year-round. However, for those who experience harsh winters, hummingbirds bless our feeders for only a few months each year. If you live on the Gulf or Pacific Coast, you are likely to have hummingbirds most of the year. If you live in the central areas of the United States, your hummingbirds may not arrive until the end of April or even early May. While unfair, we only provide the dates of hummingbird arrivals. We do not get to decide when they show up!

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The best hummingbird feeders

Most bird lovers in the US and Canada do not see the hordes of hummingbirds that visit key migration sites. However, no matter your location, everyone has the opportunity to attract a hummingbird. Since you are unlikely to have your feeders mobbed by hundreds of hummingbirds, you do not need a 20+ oz hummingbird feeder. Why? The birds simply cannot eat the "nectar" before you need to replace it and clean the feeder. Our solution? The Juegoal 12 oz Hanging Feeder!

This feeder is a small, easy-to-clean hummingbird feeder! Also, this hummer feeder lacks yellow flower