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Bad Bird Reviews: American Robin

Robins are noisy and pot-bellied. Laugh at them with me.

American Robin close up
Turdus? More like TurdYES! How would you review the American Robin?

Scrolling through Google can expose ridiculous reviews of pretty much anything. Don't believe me? Check out this review of the GRAND CANYON:

Whoopity do, Grand Canyon. You are a giant hole in the ground. You were caused by erosion. You don't have roller coasters or Dippin' Dots. Jeeesh. Can you say 'overrated?'

Now, imagine these same terrible humans reviewing our fantastically feathered friends. You can't imagine? Do not worry. I have created an example. I present to you, Bad Bird Reviews.


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Attract robins with dried mealworms!

How else can you attract robins to your yard? Use the proper birdbath or water feature!


All of these reviews are 100% made up. I am tapping facts about these birds, common misunderstandings about these birds, and other random experiences to write these. The "Background" portion explains the premise of each fun review. Want to add your own? Give a review of the American Robin in the comments below!

Bad Bird Reviews: American Robin



Robin the Boy Wonder was my favorite comicbook hero growing up. Though, I could have done without the tights.

Background: "Robin the Boy Wonder" got his origins from Robinhood, however, his costume was inspired by the robin and its red breast.


"If you put a bow on a Turdus, it is still a Turdus"

The European Robin is the TRUE robin. You colonizers stole the name from our superior bird!

Background: The American Robin is not a "true" robin by ornithological standards. Instead, it is a North American thrush in the Turdus genus. Though, the European Robin is actually a species of Old World Flycatcher. The word robin originates from the name Rober, so... both robins are imposters? Any Roberts out there? You are the true 'robins.'


"stop eatin my bait"

d**n robins kep steelin the worms from my yard. those are my worms for fishin. their used to be so many worms in my yard and now their are nun because of the birds. i sprayed a bunch of cemacals to kill the bugs in the lawn and i thot it would stop the robins but now all my worms are gon and its becuase of the birds

Background: American Robins are well-known across North America for their hunting habits on the residential lawn. The robins will use their eyesight to locate prey, by turning their heads side-to-side to find the exact location to plunge their bill. However, some studies have shown that they may use auditory clues as well, though eyesight is the main tool used to find earthworms. Also, stop using pesticides you turkeys.


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"Love robins but..."

Love robins but I never see them in winter. I wish they were around all the time so I could hear them outisde my window. I tried to feed them sunflower seed, but I think the seed must have gone sour...

Background: The American Robin winters in the greater majority of North America. Even though many believe they all fly south in the winter, there are residential populations that stay put. In fact, in some areas of North America, wintering robins are INCREASING in their abundance! Want to learn more about this? Check out our article covering the American Robins wintering in a neighborhood near you! Oh yeah, robins rarely eat seed from a bird feeder. Try planting native plants that produce winter berries instead.




Background: The American Robin is an early-season nester, early morning singer, and is often found nesting near to human populations. The result? Overly enthusiastic male robins, singing their hearts out, only for this beautiful song to fall on the deaf ears of tired people. Sigh.


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"thx for bringing springtime"

the robin makes me so hppy bcz they always say when spring has arrived. without the robin, the snow seems to stick around more. they tell us when winter weather is over

Background: The robin, to many, has signified the beginning of spring. However, as you may have just learned (see two reviews up), the American Robin winters in most areas of North America. So, does the robin signify spring? Probably not. Though, we are not one to argue what gives other people joy! (Maybe we argue just a touch.) Different regions likely have better indicators of spring. For my home region, I view the Red-winged Blackbird as the true harbinger of spring!


"Basically Garbage"

I see these birds ALL the time. When I go birding, I want to see NEW and RARE birds! Please. You think robins are cool? GET. OVER. IT.

Background: Believe it or not, many birdwatchers get tired of seeing and hearing American Robins! In fact, they are often overlooked by more experienced birders, even sometimes being referred to as a "trash" species because of their abundance. Ouch. However, I view huge flocks of robins as a challenge. What is that challenge? Find something rare hiding in the flock! In fact, several years ago, I was fortunate enough to find a Varied Thrush, far from home, mixed into a wintering flock of American Robins.


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Varied Thrush male sitting in a tree
Varied Thrush found during a Christmas Bird Count amongst some truly terrible robins.

The bad bird reviews will just keep coming.

Keep laughing.

Keep learning.

And of course, JOIN THE FLOCK!

Have your own bad bird review? Add it to the comment section below!


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