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Funny Bird Names - A List of Weird, Wacky, and Unforgettable Avian Nomenclature

The names of birds are not inherently funny. However, when we apply society's various slang and vernacular, suddenly, the double entendres abound. You're welcome?

Blue-footed Boobies
Low-hanging fruit... (these are Blue-footed Boobies)

I will be honest. My inner 12-year-old prepubescent boy is about to show in a very noticeable way. I'm going to apologize before I start and after I finish. Please, for the love of godwit, do not let me be canceled.

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Here we go, a list of hilarious bird names.

A List of Funny Bird Names

(and a hint of Flocking Around)

Hoary Puffleg

The Hoary Puffleg, a type of hummingbird, is a name that brings to mind a Duke of something from a bygone era, with a rather effeminate glow, wearing oversized renaissance pantaloons. If you see this species in person, it truly appears to be wearing some puffy pants.

Great Tit

I do not need the joke here. However, for a bit of knowledge, 'tit' was originally used to mean something small. And for birds, the tits are small.

Great Tit is a funny bird name
That's a Great Tit

Tinkling Cisticola

This bird's name sounds like a lyric from an overproduced Savage Garden single from 1996. Seriously, who named this bird? Say it as fast as you can, and stay upright in your chair (or on the toilet because most of you are reading this on the can).

Fluffy-backed Tit-Babbler

First, if a bird has more than one hyphen in its name, it needs to be renamed. BUT, I might make an exception if its name sounds like a 7-year-old's name for their poorly built stuffed animal from the county fair, which is also the same place most people buy their illicit drugs.

Sandy Gallito

This bird sounds like your mother's coworker that hosts an under-attended book club, owns too many cats, and does not use "the Facebooks."