Funny Bird Names

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The names of birds are not inherently funny, however, when we apply society's various slang and vernacular, suddenly the double entendres abound. You're welcome?

That's a Great Tit...

I will be honest. My inner 12-year-old prepubescent boy is about to show in a very noticeable way. I'm going to apologize before I start and after I finish. Please, for the love of godwit, do not let me be 2020'd. If you do not plan to hashtag me after reading this, then please subscribe?

Here we go, a list of bird names:

Funny bird names list

Hoary Puffleg

The Hoary Puffleg, a type of hummingbird, is a name that brings to mind a Duke of something from a bygone era, with a rather effeminate glow, wearing oversized renaissance pants. If you see this species in person, it truly appears to be wearing some puffy pants.

Great Tit

I do not need the joke here. However, for a bit of knowledge, 'tit' was originally used to mean something small. And for birds, the tits are small.

Tinkling Cisticola

This bird's name sounds like a lyric from an overproduced Savage Garden single from 1996. Seriously, who named this bird? Say it as fast as you can, and stay upright in your chair (or on the toilet because most of you are reading this on the can).

Fluffy-backed Tit-Babbler

First, if a bird has more than one hyphen in its name, it needs to be renamed. BUT, I might make an exception if its name sounds like a 7-year-olds name for its poorly built stuffed animal from the county fair that is also the same place most people buy their illicit drugs.

Sandy Gallito

This bird sounds like your mother's coworker that hosts an under-attended bookclub; owns too many cats, and does not use "the Facebooks."


This is what Tommy, the highschool jock that graduated at age 20 with a 1.2 GPA now employed at Chippendale's, refers to his signature dance move as.

Exclamatory Paradise-Whydah

Why this bird? WHY-DAH?

Invisible Rail

Why would you even name this bird?

Kori Bustard

Kori Bustard sounds like a former farm team pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates that got called up to the 'big show' three times in his career and now lives out of the trunk of his Buick Skylark taking money from middle-American families trying to turn their asmathic children into superstars.

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King-of-Saxony Bird-of-Paradise

All hail the bringer of song, the harbinger of sunlight, the carrier of dance,

Tropical Boubou

Is this how Yogi's sidekick refers to himself after he returns from a 10-day trip to Sandals Jamaica?

Undulated Tinamou

No, I do not want to take this free workout class offered at the local Y.

Oleaginous Hemispingus

You should get that checked out, bro.


Is this just a typo?

Hottentot Buttonquail

This sounds like a children's dance troop that horrid stage moms force their daughters to participate in.

Flying Steamer Duck

Is this a dish made famous by the hole-in-the-wall restaurant that you always save for special occasions?


Ah yes, we all know the Greek fable about 'Maleo,' the epic hero that ate the fallen fruit giving him the wisdom of the gods. That is until he became greedy and perished from an unwise attempt to eat more fallen fruit.

See-see Partridge

Did you see-see it? No, I miss-missed it.

Fiery Topaz

This overhyped plot device from a Nicholas Cage movie caused the fall of man.

Green Mango

I told you it wasn't ripe.

Inaccessible Island Rail

How the bleep did it get this even get discovered?!


This unibrowed, Russian turnip farmer has no time for a man.



Antarctic Shag

You need to stay warm somehow when you are stuck on that oversized sheet of ice. Does it count if you're cold?

Striped Woodhaunter

This is a SyFy movie about a northern Maine folktale. You only saw it because you called in sick the day after the Superbowl. I know that because I did it too.

Fire-eyed Diucon

Is this a finishing move from Mortal Kombat?

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Australian Logrunner

You should not have eaten that questionable vegemite.

Southern Penduline-Tit

Aging sucks.


Billy Mays once convinced me to purchase this for 4 easy payments of $24.99.




Do not knock.


The 8-character version of Twitter, known as Twitter-lite or Twite, never caught on.

I hope your cheeks are sore from laughing too much. If so, share this list with your friends.

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