How should I store bird food?

Updated: Apr 13

Raccoons, rats, squirrels. These words are foul language if you are a fowl feeder. Learn how to keep your bird food safe from pests!

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First, if you have a bear problem, you have a significant storage problem. You will require a Rube Goldberg-type of contraption to keep those feeder monstrosities away from your goldmine of birdseed. However, if your mammalian issues are not larger than a raccoon, a simple answer is provided in the paragraphs below.

How to store birdseed

Birdseed needs to be stored in a cool, dry, and secure place. This prevents mold and bacteria growth and also can help prevent seed germination. Next, you want to store it in a manner that rodents and other hungry creatures cannot access it. You can achieve this by using a metal storage bin with a heavy or locking lid. I do not recommend using plastic tubs. Plastic tubs can allow squirrels and rats to chew through the outer layers to the seed inside. Personally, I prefer using metal trash bins. If I am feeding in large quantities, I empty a single type of seed into a 32-gallon trash can and use a scoop. Each can will be used to hold a single type of birdseed. However, if I am using small quantities of varying seed types, I will use a small can, keeping the seed inside the bag but cutting off the top of the bag for easy scoop access.

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Best Birdseed Storage

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Metal cans can prevent some bears IF they are weighted or clamped. However, some bears can quickly outwit you. If a bear outwits you, I recommend trying embroidery or adult coloring books. Bears are terrible at coloring inside the lines. If you choose to go plastic container, then I wash my hands of your future anguish!

How to store suet

Do not store your suet with your birdseed. The suet could get too warm and melt out of its packaging, creating a real mess for you! As with birdseed, keep your suet in a cool, dry location. If you keep the suet in its plastic packaging, it will help prevent the suet from drying or spoiling. As with birdseed, I prefer to keep the suet in a metal container with a sturdy lid. Small containers like this are likely cheaper from your local hardware store, but you can check out these options from Amazon.

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