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SALMONELLA ALERT - Protect Birds, Remove Feeders!

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

There are reports flooding in from around the western United States of birds being infected with Avian Salmonellosis. This disease will KILL our favorite feeder birds.

A Cassin's Finch has a swollen eye from conjunctivitis.
Finches, like this Cassin's Finch, are prone to various pathogens that can be passed around at birdfeeders.

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When did the Salmonella infections begin occurring?

Reports of avian salmonellosis began in the Pacific Northwest in the final days of 2020. Wildlife officials across the region encouraged birdwatchers to remove their bird feeders and birdbaths until spring.

How far has this Salmonella outbreak spread?

As of March 6th, there have been confirmed reports of Salmonella-infected birds across at least 5 states and 1 province. However, there are unconfirmed reports across most of western North America, as well as reports of other pathogen-infections in the southeastern United States.

Update 1 - 03/07/2021: There are reports coming out of Virginia and North Carolina that are likely Pine Sikins showing symptoms of avian salmonellosis. Testing has not confirmed suspicions, yet.

Update 2 - 03/07/2021: There are now reports out of South Carolina and Georgia of probable avian salmonellosis. We will update the map to show this.

Update 3 - 04/30/2021: Most boreal finches are beginning their migration north. Unless you are still seeing large numbers of migratory finches, your chances of a Salmonella outbreak are low.

Update 4 - 06/15/2021: Most Salmonella reports are now localized to areas of high density, breeding finches. Keep aware and clean during the fall and winter of 2022.

Salmonella and Pathogen Infection Map in Birds (2021)