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Sienna's Totally Helpful and Super Necessary Baby Name Book

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Following the incredible success of my Costa Rica Field Guide, I'm excited to announce my newest book:

A funny graphic of a book of bird-themed baby names
Sienna's Totally Helpful and Super Necessary Baby Name Book

After extensive research and compiling, I have put together a list of names perfect for the expecting birder. (Or, if you're like me, for daydreaming about what would make a good name for your next horse.)

Classic Bird Baby Names

When you want a name connected to birds, but still prefer conventional names.

Phoebe - A simple nod to a cute little bird

Rufous - I think only dogs have been named this...

Martin - Also doubles as a mammal name!

Jay - If your kid does a good job you can say "You're so Steller, Jay!" (I'm sorry)

Robin - Can also be Robina, or Robyn if you want to spiff it up

Wren - Lots of wrens to cho0se from, and if your child takes up choir the name will be perfect

Harris - You have a choice of raptor or sparrow!

Merlin - It's time to bring back wizard names

Unique Bird Baby Names

Names that are sure to get attention and force your child to explain the meaning to every person they meet.

Brant- Will definitely get mistaken for Brent 90% of the time

Heron- Means "Hero" in greek, and Great Blue Herons are easily in the top 50 birds of all time Egret- This one is perfect if you're a birder AND a Game of Thrones fan Rivoli- Pro: It sounds pretty and rolls off the tongue. Con: You'll crave ravioli all the time Kittiwake- This is one of my favorites and I genuinely think it would be an awesome name. Dunlin- I used to have a horse named Dublin, so this can work too Sora- Means "Sky" in Japanese apparently, and is one of the cutest birds you can be named after

Really Unique Names:

If you want to guarantee your child will stand out (and you want to get funny looks when you're yelling at them in the grocery store) these are your go-to picks.

Phalarope- Only downside is that there is no good nickname Limpkin- Has a screaming cry, just like children do Ferruginous- I can't even think of a joke or pun, it's just too weird

Kestrel- Maybe not that strange, but I've never met anyone with this name Whip-poor-will- At least they'll have a normal nickname? Pyrrhuloxia- Good luck ever getting anyone to spell or say this correctly

Muscovy- Some might not think a warty-faced duck is a good namesake, but I think it's perfect


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