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A proposal for the pigeon as a mascot!

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Is this 'information' someone would actually read?

A Rock Pigeon sits on a wooden fence.
Rock Pigeons thrive in developed environments.

The Rock Pigeon is the only creature that benefits from those eyesore stadiums built through public funds. Want to win as a bird mascot in a football stadium? Be a pigeon. But nobody should be forced to wear the pigeon as a badge of pride on their uniform. That would just be too degrading for any group of people. Wait... there might exist just the right team for this mascot!


The Washington Commanders should drop the awful "Commanders" name and become the Washington Pigeons. It would be a match made in a dirty alley. An undesirable football team with a less-than-desired bird. Good bird-loving people, I give you the Washington Football Pigeons.

A proposed logo for the imaginary Washington Football Team.
Beats being called the Washington Football Team, I guess.

(Building that graphic took too much time. That's why this post is so short.)

Also, pigeons do not deserve to be associated with a team full of such great past improprieties. I think pigeons deserve better than Washington.

Which bird loses when it comes to sports? Mourning Doves.

Want to weigh in on this lively debate? Use the comment section below and offer your own brilliant opinion.

If you do not hate me by now, then join the flock.

Oh yeah, birdies, I forgot... pigeon poop.


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Tina Toth
Tina Toth
Sep 05, 2021

One of our former cats, Nero, had his own fantasy football teams, originally made up of players from the NFL teams with cat mascots. When that didn't yield enough players, he, with great shame, had to resort to the teams with bird names.

Replying to

Haha. That has to be shameful for a cat to root for birds!

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